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Playing at a soccer club elevates your kid's experience

Gooooooal ⚽️!!!  We know how exciting a soccer game can be! Kids love the game. At the beginning of their soccer journey, they run and kick the ball around but playing and practicing in a club is much more. Here they learn the importance of teamwork, making good decisions under pressure, and how to read the game; these are essential life skills. We’re offering an excellent opportunity for your kid to make part of our club. Whether a beginner or the next Messi, BCSC has a spot for them.

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We help school teams achieve their full potential
Our coaches are the best! They are licensed and experienced professionals passionate about soccer and teaching.

We coach kids from 1st grade to high school. If you are a team manager looking for coaching services email us, we have all the answers you seek! 

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Ricardo C.


Leandro C.


Murillo C.


Alessandre R.


Fernando P.

Meet the coaches

School team services

Your kids' unique journey starts with our Soccer Fundamentals Program



We teach the fundamentals of soccer. In the first week, we evaluate the players to understand their strengths and opportunities for improvement. This includes drills and/or quick games to get kids loose in the field.  

Ball Control

Ball Control

In the second class, we teach ball control. Our coaches create a series of exercises and drills to help strengthen this fundamental skill. Ultimately, we want to see your child running with the ball without looking at it. It's a skill that comes naturally with training and practice.

Passing Ball


Passing is an aspect of ball control witch involves coordination between two or more players and is a building block of the game. Here your child will learn about the importance of teamwork. When players work well together, they form a positive bond that improves team performance. 



After a pass, players need to be ready for their turn with the ball. Children will learn to think before receiving the ball and establish possession of it. We will practice drills that reinforce receiving the ball in place, on the move, and under the pressure of an opponent. 



Every child dreams about becoming the next Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. Dribbling makes these players remarkable and perhaps the most fun to watch. We'll introduce some dribbling tricks and explain how timing and pace are essential for a good dribbler.



To defend is another fundamental part of every team sport, and it also starts at the individual level. In soccer, it all starts with learning how to tackle the opponent (blocking or stealing) to retain possession of the ball. We DO NOT practice or allow sliding tackles at this stage. 



For any work to be considered done, it must be finished. In soccer, it is not different. Scoring after a well-developed team play or a brilliant individual drive is the most gratifying part of the game. 

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