During our program, kids learn about soccer fundamentals, competitiveness, game rules, scorekeeping, working as a team, and belonging to a club. We practice once a week, and at the end of each program, we evaluate their development.



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Program Breakdown
Session One (June 9th to July 16th)

Class 1


The first class of the program has a welcoming vibe. We want to make sure that your child feels comfortable. We'll run some fun exercises to evaluate the players' technical ability, tactical awareness, and soccer knowledge. We customize the program for each child's needs.

Class 2

Ball Control

The second class will teach ball control. Our coaches create a series of exercises and drills to help strengthen this fundamental skill. We want to see your child running with the ball without looking at it. It's a skill that comes naturally with training and practice.

Class 3


Passing is another aspect of ball control that involves coordination between two or more players. We'll teach your child the importance of teamwork. When players work well together as a group, they form a positive bond that improves team performance.

Class 4


We'll strengthen ball control skills in class number four. Our coaches will teach the children to think before receiving the ball. We will practice drills that reinforce receiving the ball in place, on the move, and under the pressure of an opponent.

Class 5


The children are feeling more confident by now, and we will challenge them. Trapping a soccer ball is a way of stopping the ball and gaining control of it quickly. We'll demonstrate techniques to trap the ball when coming both in the air and bouncing on the ground.

Class 6


Every child dreams about becoming the next Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. Dribbling is what makes these players remarkable. We'll introduce some dribble tricks, and practice them.

Class 7


Shooting is an essential soccer skill. Therefore, it's vital to strike the ball correctly to help improve your chances of scoring a goal. In this class, we focus on drills to develop the child's shooting abilities. 

Class 8


Your child will learn proper ways to approach their opponent and gain control of the ball. Tackles sometimes are essential in defensive positions when the opponent is in an advantageous position. We focus on the standing/block tackle. We don't practice sliding tackle on our program.

Class 9

Tactics I (Defense)

Learning how to protect the goal correctly is a skill not just for defenders. All the players in the field should know how to defend correctly. We will introduce zonal marking, interception, man-to-man-marking, and the skill to read where the game is going and what to do with the ball.

Class 10

Tactics 2 (Offense)

During this class, we focus on possession of the ball, passing, and moving. Your child will learn to pass the ball backward, side-to-side, and through space. We'll teach them that passing the ball takes less effort than chasing the ball.

Class 11

Friendly Game

During this class we will play a friendly match. The children will have the opportunity to practice sportsmanship, team encouragement, respect, peer support. They will also get continued exposure to the rules of play.

Class 12

Awards Party

Youth sports are a crucial component of a healthy community. Soccer connects us! We will close the program with a scrimmage game and an awards party where every child will be recognized for their improvement.

Program Breakdown
Session two (Class 7 to 12)